About me

The short version of my life story as a creative.

Who am I? Well let's start with the beggining. I was born in 1995 at the small city of Rio Maior, Portugal, and since I was a child, my interests were already connected in some way to what I do now. Initialy because of the infinite hours playing on a cheap Nintendo 8-Bit clone and when I learned how to use a computer, I spent my time creating masterpieces on Paint or making amazing Comic Sans powered Windows themes.

By the time (or maybe a few years later) I had in mind that my vocation should be on something between computer science and design. And so it happened in 2013, when I started my Bachelor degree on Design and Multimedia at University of Coimbra. Three years full of everything - design projects, websites, hackathons and much more that lead me to Whitesmith, where I'm currently working since 2016.

My functions as a "Professional" goes from UX/UI design to Front-end development but on my free times, beside of colecting more games than I would ever be able to play, I like to do some side projects focused on Graphic Design. Sometimes for non-profit organizations, sometimes for nobody or no reason but to have fun.

So, what I really do?


Focused on the following areas:

  • — UX/UI design
  • — Graphic design
  • — Editorial design

Front-end Development

Working with the following tech stack:

  • — HTML
  • — CSS/SASS
  • — JavaScript
  • — Ruby on Rails
  • — Vue.js
  • — React (A little bit)

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