Played this month – April 2024

JRPG galore

5th May 2024


Hi everyone, another month, another update. This time, as if two JRPGs weren’t enough, I decided to start (and luckily finish) one more. I even had to refrain myself from starting a fourth one. I’m clearly on my JPRG era, much like a teenager obsessed with My Chemical Romance, or whatever they listen these days. It will pass eventually, probably when I finish Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 Reload


Here we are, once again. I’m starting to run out of things to say about this game, as it makes by now three months since I started playing it. I’m definitely near its final, but from my experience with this series, that’s equivalent to no less than 20 hours of gameplay. At least its story it’s finally getting interesting.

Mother 3


Another follow up from last month. I’m having a great time with it so far, with 10 hours clocked in by this point. The more I play it, the more I understand why it wasn’t released outside Japan. I have a feeling that current day Nintendo would never do a game like this. I will save the details for an eventual review.

Phantasy Star

RPG / Sega Master System

I always had some fascination for Sega’s oldest RPG series, but never had interest in actually playing the games before. That finally changed when I got the Sega Ages version of this Master System classic. This version, released for the Nintendo Switch, had a ton of quality of life features that made possible finishing it much faster than the original one. It’s surely a product of its time (and that time is 1987), but in terms of story and world building it’s still very fresh. While every other RPG of this era was focused solely on medieval fantasies, Phantasy Star took its inspiration from science fiction instead.

Streets of Rage 2

Beat’em’up / Sega Mega Drive

With the objective of giving more use to my Mega Drive, and eventually play Phantasy Star II, III and IV with rom hacks in the original hardware, I got an Everdrive, a cartridge that reads games from an SD card. I decided to test it with one of the best games for the system, Streets of Rage 2. Smashing delinquents to the sound of Yuzo Koshiro’s techno soundtrack is pure dopamine. Without even noticing, I finished it in one try.

That’s all for April. For next month, I promise to bring fewer RPGs. See you next time!

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