Played this month – February 2024

More Persona

1st March 2024


As I predicted last time, this month was mostly about Persona, yet again. I’m fully aware that this blog is one step short of transforming into a Persona Fan Club, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Anyway, I still had time to play a few other things. Here’s what February looked like:

Persona 3 Reload


This one was a given. As soon as the remake of the third Persona game was announced, with new visuals and quality-of-life improvements brought from Persona 5, I knew it was a day one purchase for me. My time with this game so far has been great, with around 20 hours clocked in. I’m still relatively in the beginning of the story, as nothing really interesting happened yet, but the combat and character development are keeping me engaged so far.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Hack’n’slash / Nintendo Switch

I spent a week away from home (and from Persona 3 Reload), as so I took the opportunity to bring the Switch with me and play a short game from my backlog, with No More Heroes 2 being the chosen one. You can already read my review of it, in case you didn’t yet.

Metal Gear Solid

Action-adventure / PS1

To close the month, I decided to finally dive into Hideo Kojima’s best-known series. While in the beginning I struggled a bit to truly understand the game mechanics, now I’m completely hooked. It’s hard to believe this game is 25 years old, with the only evidence of that being the charming PS1 polygonal graphics.

And that’s all for February. Not a lot of games, but the few ones were really worth my time. For next month, expect more Persona and more Metal Gear Solid. See you next time!

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