Played this month – March 2024

Number 3

8th April 2024


Can you believe March is already over? I can’t. For me at least it was a quite hectic month, reflected with the radio silence here in this last few weeks, since the release of the post celebrating the 7 years of Nintendo Switch. But enough of excuses. For this catch up, I bring a respectable amount of games, all things considered, but most of my time was invested in two japanese RPGs with a number 3 on their title. Quite fitting for the third month of the year, don’t you think? Without further ado, here’s what I played in March:

Metal Gear Solid

Action-adventure / PS1

I finally understand all the cult status behind Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear franchise, now that I finished Metal Gear Solid. For a PS1 game from 1998 it has aged very gracefully, due to its voice acting, cinematography and gameplay. I will keep it short for now, as I will eventually do a review for this game. I have too many things to say about it, I just don’t know yet how to phrase them.

Persona 3 Reload


My full-time job of this month. With 40 hours clocked in so far, I don’t know exactly how many I still have left in this expansive RPG, but I’m enjoying it so far. One thing I have to mention though, is the social links, which are essentially the friendships we can have in the game. Many of them suck, with the interactions with those characters ranging from painfully cringe to just boring. This was an aspect that was vastly improved in Persona 4 and 5.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Action-adventure / PS3

Still fresh from Metal Gear Solid, it was only logical that I would want to play its sequel. With that in mind I got a PS3, as it is to this day the only platform where the series can be played in its entirety. Regarding this second game, I only watched the 15 minute long intro cutscene and did not much else, but it got me intrigued.

Formula One Championship Edition

Racing / PS3

With the start of the F1 season, I went to search for a good classic F1 game. I ended up finding this Formula One Championship Edition, a game developed by the creators of Wipeout that served as a launch title for the PS3, with an accurate representation of 2006 F1 season. Many aspects of this game held up quite well to this day, such as the graphics, gameplay… and the presence of Fernando Alonso, already world champion by the time this game was released.

Mother 3


Few series have a stronger cult status as Mother. One of the major causes for it, beside its uniqueness, is the mystery behind its international localizations. During many years, Mother 2 was the only game of the series officially released outside Japan, as Earthbound. Mother 1 was released out of the blue for the Wii U Virtual Console in 2015, 26 years after the japanese version, as Earthbound Beginnings. As for Mother 3, arguably the best of the bunch, it suffered the worst fate, never receiving an international release to this day. Luckily, a group of talented fans did what Nintendon’t and created an incredible english translation. It’s thanks to them that I’m now playing this game.

Star Fox Command

Shoot’em up / Nintendo DS

After seeing a video from Good Vibes Gaming (a great Youtube channel that I totally recommend) about improving Nintendo DS games on the 3DS, I decided to try this Star Fox Command, as it was mentioned there. Unlike the other games in the series, this one combines the spaceship flying and shooting with some turn based tactics, which is totally my jam. So far it has been a pleasant surprise.

And that’s all for March. For next month, I have no idea, but I’ll try to focus on what I already have in progress. I need some closure, and closure won’t come if I keep adding games to my backlog.

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