Played this month – May 2024

The end of the Dark Hour

10th June 2024


Here we are again, another month where almost all my playtime was absorbed by the same game. Luckily it was the last one! There was still some time to play a few more things, but not as many as I wanted. Anyway, here’s what I played in May:

Persona 3 Reload


It’s done, once and for all! 90 hours spread across 4 months it was all it took to finish this game. I was even very, very close to snag the platinum trophy, missing one single achievement that required starting the game all over again due to my poor planning. It won’t happen though. I think I got my fair dose of Persona for now. Instead I will touch some grass, play other things and write a review of this game (that I will release here when it’s ready).

Mother 3


Following my laundry list of games in progress, Mother 3 is the one I want to finish next. Hopefully it won’t take me as long, but I already had to spend some time grinding as this isn’t a particularly easy game. However, the humour, quirkiness and charm of it are keeping me invested on it.

Sonic Adventure

Action-adventure / Sega Dreamcast

I’m a huge Sonic fan since I started playing videogames, with the classic trilogy (& Knuckles) having a special place in my list of favourite games. Sonic Adventure on other hand, not so much. Every time I tried to play it in the past, I never got that far for one reason or another. This time I decided to give it a proper chance. Unfortunately, my opinion of Sonic’s first proper foray into 3D isn’t improving at all. The more I play, the less I understand why this game is taken in such high regards. But this is a story for another day and another review.

That’s all for May! Next month I’ll try to bring more games to talk about, as if it was difficult. Without a time sucker like a Persona game, it’s likely to happen.

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