Welcome to ABXY

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

22nd November 2023


Hi, welcome to ABXY, my blog about gaming. Maybe “blog” is an outdated term, let’s call it an independent publication instead. Anyway, in case you don’t know who I am, let me put you up to speed.

I’m João, but most friends call me Chari. Videogames were always a special thing for me, even though that sentiment wasn’t shared by anyone in my family, who only saw them as way to waste time, or even an addiction. This appreciation wasn’t something inherited, even I can’t quite explain exactly how it happened, but I may point out my interest for every kind of visual and interactive media as a strong reason. It was not by chance that I became a designer and developer.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that gaming was more than a hobby for me. As so, I decided to start writing about the games I play. My intention with this is obviously to share my views on them with everyone interested, but also to document my playthroughs, for sake of my own memory.

What can you expect from ABXY?

My main focus will be on reviewing games that I finish, considering most I play are single player. Don’t expect the most recent ones reviewed during its release window though, you have IGN, Gamespot and many other outlets for that. It can happen occasionally though, but even if I get a game on day one, I’m not going to torture myself with a speedrun just to write about it. New games are expensive, it’s a waste to rush them.

Monthly updates
By the end of each month I’ll do a quick recap of everything I played during that period. It will be something more brief, in form of first impressions or progress report for each game.

Lastly, I also want to do some opinion articles, but more sporadically. I’ll only do this if I feel that I have something interesting, or funny, to say regarding the topics in question.

This is my vision for ABXY. If it’s going to be exactly like I described it? I have no idea, but I hope you and the other few ones who end up here reading my rambles at least find them entertaining.

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